Why Cinema Ultra?

This is as compact, flexible and powerful in sound as THX Ultra2 gets

World’s first …

THX Ultra2-certified loudspeaker system to feature an LCR-speaker approved for vertical and horizontal orientation at all positions!

World’s most compact …

THX Ultra2-certified loudspeaker system to fulfill the very demanding requirements for maximum output and low distortion with only one subwoofer

World’s first …

Dolby Atmos-enabled add-on loudspeaker featuring a switchable crossover to become a direct-radiating on-wall or onceiling speaker!

All models can also be used as powerful home cinema loudspeakers within non-THX-certified systems!

Thanks to its small dimensions and versatility, this high performance home cinema loudspeaker system is extremely flexible in configuration and placement!

This is as compact, flexible and powerful in sound as THX Ultra2 gets

Magnat Cinema Ultra products

Perfect engineering for the ultimate performance

World’s first THX Ultra2-certified loudspeaker system to feature an LCR-speaker approved for vertical and horizontal orientation a... mehr

Particularly tight-fitting chassis layout and specially tuned crossover for uniquely homogeneous horizontal and vertical dispersio... mehr

Sophisticated mounting system with numerous variations, wall-fixing mountings
according to the widespread VESA standard

Rotating Magnat/THX® logo for correct alignments in vertical or horizontal

Rotating Magnat/THX® logo for correct alignments in vertical or horizontal


Horizontal or vertical: the best THX front loudspeaker of its class

Never before in the history of THX: Despite the strict requirements regarding dispersion characteristics, the LCR 100-THX was granted the coveted licence for both horizontal and upright operation. Two 17 cm subwoofers as well as the large tweeter cone ensure distortion-free levels up to beyond 110 decibels as well as outstanding purity of sound. The 42 mm tweeter cone runs in an optimally linear way from 1,500 – 27,500 hertz thanks to the installed horn (Waveguide) and sound distribution lens. This helps the LCR 100-THX to achieve a level of efficiency far in excess of 90 decibels. In other words: Even smallerAV receivers make it possible to experience a great cinema feeling with Cinema Ultra. The enclosure of the LCR 100-THX is flat and is perfectly suitable for unobtrusive wall mounting via wall brackets and VESA fittings.

Data sheet

It produces a broad soundscape thanks to its dipole design

For the audibly perfect match, the drivers of the LCR speakers and the surround
speakers are identical

RD 200 THX

High power performance with great spatial representation

The powerful 6.5” mid-woofer is located in the center, the 1.65” tweeter cones on the sloping sides: The Cinema Ultra RD 200-THX follows the ideal structure of classic dipole speakers. The two tweeters are – as stipulated by THX – connected together with reversed polarity to produce a diffuse, very three-dimensional soundscape. Because our cone operates in an extremely wide band, the Cinema Ultra RD 200-THX creates this desired diffuse sound field from as low as 1500 hertz. Despite its small size and moderate overall depth of just 16 centimetres, the effect speaker is capable of impressive sound levels – an important factor for the best cinema sound. And optimum installation is also child‘s play thanks to the large number of wall-mounting options, including VESA brackets.

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A perfect bass machine –
also for non-THX applications


18 hertz and no end of acoustic pressure licensed by THX


The Cinema Ultra Sub 300-THX subwoofer also amazed the THX testers: It is the smallest woofer so far to have been awarded the Ultra-2 seal. Here, too, the basis for the record is the very latest technology. The 32 cm highperformance driver is optimised for a large stroke and minimal distortions. For power right from the bottom – the Cinema Ultra Sub 300-THX goes all the way down to 18 Hertz! – the subwoofer is supported by two passive radiators of the same size and appearance. Together with the newly developed 550 watt Class D power amp, they are located in a compact, extremely sturdy enclosure where the baffle alone, made of 45 mm thick MDF, effectively suppresses a lot of vibrations.

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The Cinema Ultra AEH 400-ATM is the ideal addition to every surround sound system intended to reproduce the new multi-channel proc... mehr

Sound characteristics that can be switched over to direct dispersion ensure
maximum flexibility


With defined dispersion characteristics for perfect Dolby Atmos surround sound

Dolby also imposes extremely strict requirements to ensure that the demanding multi-channel procedure can generate perfect reproduction. The dispersion characteristics and position of the add-on loudspeakersare important. A subwoofer with an integrated tweeter, a so-called coaxial driver, is the best option here. The Cinema Ultra AEH 400-ATM is a coax with a 13 cm bass plus 25 mm tweeter cone and is a perfect fit, in terms of both external appearance and installation depth, on top of an LCR 100-THX – which is also where it should be according to the Dolby guidelines. For those cases where home cinema fans prefer to mount the excellent sounding AEH 400-ATM on the wall or ceiling, we have, instead of the frequency response optimised for ceiling reflection as stipulated by Dolby, included a second crossover for linear reproduction which can be activated via a toggle switch.

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Home cinema becomes three-dimensional

THX Konfigurationen


„Star Wars“ director George Lucas was also a man of conviction with regard to audio. The effects and sounds he incorporated into his films back then still set standards today. He was even more dissatisfied at that time with the quality of the sound in cinemas. So he instructed his sound engineer, Tomlinson Holman, to study the recording process up to and including playback and create a process to drastically increase film audio quality. This resulted in 1983 in the Tomlison Holman Experience, a catalogue of requirements for cinemas and later also for home cinemas, which – always related to the size of the cinema – guarantees sufficient level, low distortions and the best speech quality. In the jungle of the many specifications, THX has remained the only reliable indicator for over 30 years now. In cinemas, the THX certifications have ensured a huge surge in quality and, not least of all, made the cinema attractive again. Although the quality label is now also awarded in various categories, the THX requirements are still very high, also for home cinema devices. The inspection process sometimes takes months and requires several improvements by the manufacturers. Ultra2 is by far the most ambitious of the THX standards and applies to large home cinemas with an area in excess of 40 square metres. A surround system with an Ultra2 licence has received the highest THX accolade and is equipped for every demand.

  • 5.1
  • 5.1.
  • 7.2

Dolby Atmos Configuration

DolbyAtmos_Hrztl_blackThis concerns nothing less than achieving the acoustic third dimension. Most classic surround sound systems were previously designed as follows: Front and centre speakers at around ear height and the rear speakers fitted somewhat higher behind the head. This meant that the sound patterns were almost all moving at one level because the movie soundtrack itself did not provide for upward and downward movements at all. Dolby‘s new Atmos process makes a lot more possible in this respect – and with comparatively modest means. For this, Dolby uses the existing discrete audio tracks but produces additional „audio objects“ in the recording which the sound engineer can virtually play and position anywhere in the soundscape. The Dolby Atmoscompatible processor in the AV receiver decodes this information and distributes it optimally to the connected speaker system – be it a 5.1-, 7.1 or 9.2 configuration. It works amazingly well. With Dolby Atmos, the reproduction is made much more vivid, with the soundscape gaining in height and depth. The only drawback: Without additional treble or ceiling speakers, the playback remains twodimensional as usual. However, as ceiling loudspeakers can often not be used, a number of Dolby manufacturers have developed specially licensed designs that emit upwards at a precisely stipulated angle to simulate ceiling speakers. This enables an impressively three-dimensional sound field to be created with very little effort.

  • 5.2.4
  • 7.2.4
  • AEH-400-ATM

Technical details

First class THX® Ultra2-certified home cinema system


  • THX® Ultra2-certified front loudspeaker / centre loudspeaker for the Magnat Cinema Ultra set
  • Can be operated in a vertical or horizontal position, ensuring maximum setup flexibility
  • All of the chassis have been specially developed for the Cimema Ultra set in order to meet the very strict requirements of the THX® Ultra2 standard
  • The loudspeaker chassis are identical to the dipole surround sound loudspeaker RD 200-THX for optimum tonal harmony
  • Particularly tight-fitting chassis layout and specially tuned crossover for uniquely homogeneous horizontal and vertical dispersion characteristics
  • Various set-up and wall-mounting options
  • Can also be used according to THX® Ultra2 guidelines as a directly emitting surround or rear surround loudspeaker

RD 200-THX

  • THX® Ultra2-certified dipole surround speaker for the Magnat Cinema Ultra set
  • All of the chassis have been specially developed for the Cinema Ultra set in order to meet the very strict requirements of the THX® Ultra2 standard
  • The loudspeaker chassis are identical to the LCR 100-THX front loudspeaker for optimum tonal harmony
  • Enveloping surround soundscape without speaker localisation due to the special chassis layout
  • Specially tuned crossover for optimally diffuse sound emission according to the strict requirements of the THX® Ultra2 standard
  • Various wall-mounting options
  • Can also be used as a rear surround dipole loudspeaker according to the THX® Ultra2 guidelines

Sub 300-THX

  • THX® Ultra2-certified subwoofer for the Magnat Cinema Ultra set
  • All of the chassis have been specially developed for the Cimema Ultra set in order to meet the very strict requirements of the THX® Ultra2 standard
  • Top acoustic performance through individual components developed for high performance in all details
  • Markedly compact enclosure for easy and unobtrusive integration into every home cinema system
  • Non-ventilated design to eliminate any air-flow noise at high levels
  • Two long-throw passive radiators adapted to the woofer and enclosure volume ensure deep extended bass without any background noise
  • Auto stand-by and automatic switch-on for high comfort of use


  • Dolby Atmos-enabled add-on loudspeaker matching the Magnat Cinema Ultra set
  • The diaphragm materials are identical to the front and surround sound loudspeakers of the Magnat Cinema Ultra for optimum tonal harmony
  • Coaxial chassis layout and specially tuned crossover for ideally homogeneous dispersion characteristics
  • Compact, flat enclosure for easy and unobtrusive integration into every home cinema system
  • Various set-up and wall-mounting options
  • Can also be used as a directly emitting wall or ceiling loudspeakeren
  • Two integrated crossovers that can be selected via a switch for extremely flexible use: · “Atmos mode” for ceiling reflection according to Dolby Atmos guidelines · “Direct mode” for direct emission use on the wall or ceiling


  • LCR 100
  • RD 200
  • Sub 300-THX
  • AEH-400-ATM

Test reviews

Our Test reviews for the magnat cinema ultra

Heimkino 3/4-2016

„Magnat Cinema Ultra -our new reference among THX-compliant loudspeakersystems.“
(Magnat Cinema Ultra  5.1.4, Heimkino 3/4-2016)

Download test review

VIDEO 04/2016

„Saving on looks, which don’t really count anyway, and showing off with the special effects and the balanced, differentiated fine-tuning of the sound quality. Andadded to that: micro and macro-dynamics in abundance – incredible. Incidentally, Magnat also makes music almost as crisp as a small PA“ (Magnat Cinema Ultra 5.1.2, Video 04/2016)

Download test review

audiovision 04/2016

„With its Cinema Ultra set, Magnat translates its comprehensive technical expertise into a fascinating sound quality both for movie soundtracks and, what is somewhat unusual for THX sets, for music as well.“ (Magnat Cinema Ultra 5.1 sets, audiovision 04/2016,)

Download test review

lowbeats.de 04/2016

„Hard to think of a better all-rounder. Great!“

Download test review

SFT 05/2016


Download test review

areadv.de 07/2016

„The Cinema Ultra 5.1.2 set from Magnat performs superbly well in the Champions League of speakers – all at a refreshingly reasonable price“

Download test review

Press release

Magnat Cinema Ultra THX®

Anyone who previously thought home cinema systems with the demanding THX Ultra2 licence inevitably have to be large and bulky is mistaken. The loudspeaker specialist Magnat has even amazed the THX test engineers at the Skywalker Ranch with its new, compact and very flexible Cinema Ultra system – and revived the subject of THX in an impressive way.

The THX testers would never have dreamed of this.

Even for the THX testers, it was a small sensation that the Magnat developers were able to implement dispersion characteristics in the Cinema Ultra LCR 100-THX front loudspeaker that made Ultra2 licensing possible for both horizontal and vertical operation. This is unique throughout the world and an expression of the system’s enormous flexibility.

Right down to 18 hertz: The Cinema Sub 300-THX is the smallest THX Ultra2 subwoofer on the market

This achievement, too, would not have been possible without extensive research work. The Magnat engineers have developed a 32 cm long-throw bass with an ultra-rigid paper membrane which, in addition to producing 18 hertz, also outputs levels of up to 117 decibels – and with minimal distortions. The subwoofer is supported by two passive membranes, also 32 cm in size and optically identical to the long-throw woofer. The Cinema Sub 300-THX is so powerful and low in distortion that one subwoofer is sufficient for Ultra2 certification. There are at least two in almost all competing systems – with both of them normally bigger. The integrated Class D power amplifier is also a new development with a peak output of over 1000 watts. In order to cope with the extreme pressure conditions in the subwoofer enclosure, the Cinema Ultra Sub 300-THX has multiple bracing and is equipped with a 55 mm thick MDF baffle. This explains the low vibration level and the substantial weight of 32.5 kg.

The biggest dome tweeter in the world

There was no tweeter on the global market that would have met the demands of Magnat and THX in relation to extreme bandwidth and the specified dispersion characteristics. So the specialists in Cologne developed a new tweeter with a waveguide-diffusor combination optimised in elaborate measurements and computer simulations. With a diameter of 42 millimetres, this tweeter is virtually huge compared with standard 25 mm models and is currently more than likely the biggest dome tweeter in the world. It enables very low transition to the subwoofer at 1,500 hertz. And, despite its size, it reaches an upper cut-off frequency of 27,500 hertz – that’s the most modern driver technology. The Cinema Ultra 100-THX front loudspeaker is fitted with one of these world record tweeters, while the Cinema Ultra RD 200-THX dipole effect speakers have two of them! At the smallest 5.1 expansion level, the Cinema Ultra set consists of a subwoofer, 2 effect speakers and 3 front speakers. However, this can be extended at will for greater demands and larger room sizes.

Perfect three-dimensionality with Dolby Atmos & Co.

The Cinema Ultra AEH 400-Atmos has been developed in order to also be able to expand the Cinema Ultra system to the new Dolby Atmos and Co. playback processes. This concerns a coaxial driver with a 13 cm subwoofer plus a 25 mm dome tweeter which fits perfectly, both externally as well as in terms of overall depth, onto an LCR 100-THX – which is precisely were it should be according to Dolby specifications. Two of these add-on speakers are the minimum requirement for the new audio standard, while four of them turn our THX Ultra2-licensed system into a top Dolby Atmos configuration. For those home cinema fans who would prefer to fit the AEH 400-Atmos to the ceiling as a treble channel, it has an integrated second crossover with linear frequency response as an alternative to the frequency response designed for ceiling reflection as specified by Dolby. This is easy to activate via a toggle switch. So here, too, there is maximum flexibility!




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